Lumen output
up to 615 Lm/m
up to 14 W/m

Outline IP67 RGB+White is non-flexible waterproof linear LED light with clear encapsulation.

These outdoor IP67 rated RGB+White OSRAM LED light strips are designed for long-term professional colorful linear lighting applications and perfectly suit for decorative lighting, cove lighting, curved applications, edge lighting or furniture illumination.

To produce our waterproof IP67 linear LED light strips we use the highest quality materials, OSRAM LEDs and current stabilization system inside. Encapsulated aluminum housing does not attract dust and dirt, it’s easy to clean and fully UV resistant.
All of these features guarantee extra long lifetime and stable performance.

The Outline IP67 RGB+White is a robust, high-quality option for illuminating architectural details, windows, pathways, and benches.

Key benefits

  • Stable RGB color mixing
  • Waterproof IP67 LED lights for outdoor linear lighting applications
  • Aluminum housing with crystal clear encapsulation
  • UV resistant
  • High-quality components, OSRAM LED chips
  • 3-step MacAdam LEDs or Single Bin LEDs
  • Stabilized current design
  • 48 RGB LEDs and 48 white LEDs per meter
  • High CRI80+, CRI90+
  • Dimmable
  • 24V DC voltage input
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Thermal conductive adhesive tape on back side for better heat conduction
  • Any length available in 125 mm steps


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