About us

Holectron, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, owns a factory where LED strips, light sources, and various luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications are manufactured. The newest 2000 sq.m facility includes a production area, a modern human-centric illuminated office, a warehouse, as well as a photometric and testing laboratory.


Our team consists of up to 80 factory workers, including departments for R&D, Sales, and Administration. As a team, we share a mission and vision that drive us to strive for perfection.


Mission: To light up a sustainable path between humans and the environment through the quality of light.


Vision: Create and develop high quality, long-lasting LED lighting products that go beyond a functional approach and deliver more efficiency into buildings and human-centric spaces all around the world


At Holectron, we aim to be flexible about everything—except quality. We work tirelessly to adapt our production processes in line with the latest trends in LED technology. This means we are always adding to and improving our product range. This approach keeps us constantly innovating and changing, but what never changes is our unwavering commitment to quality. Always eager to improve. Always meeting the highest EU quality standards. These are the standards we promise to our clients and hold ourselves to every day. All of our development and production are managed in-house at our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This enables us to ensure only the highest quality LED products are delivered to our global customers. We use in-house the most advanced SMT pick & place, automatic assembly, CNC metal processing and cutting machinery, and product hermetization station to produce LED products with pinpoint accuracy. Each product undergoes high usage testing before leaving the factory. That is why we are able to offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.


Thanks to our commitment to quality, all you need to think about is which of our products best fits your project. And if you don’t find exactly the right product, you can customize your own. Whatever you choose, our experienced team is on hand to help you every step of the way with specific project calculations and recommendations.