Offering a combination of higher density and shorter cutting step, these LED strips are well-suited for decorative lighting. Containing 96 LEDs per meter, they are a powerful long-term solution wherever a colorful light effect is needed.

A combination of quality components, smart design solutions, and pinpoint production ensure the stable performance and extra-long life of these strips. A flexible copper printed circuit board (PCB) with integrated current stabilization system provides the base for the LEDs, and heat-conducting adhesive tape ensures perfect heat transfer to the mounting surface.

Built for smooth colored lighting, these strips will offer quality and performance across a range of applications.

Key features

  • Stabilized current design
  • Thermal conductive adhesive tape on back side for better heat conduction
  • Thick and durable copper PCB
  • Dimmable
  • 24V DC voltage input
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • 3 Step MacAdam LEDs or Single Bin LEDs
  • High quality components, NICHIA LED chips
  • Stable color mixing
  • Compact 10 mm width
  • Can be cut in 62.5 mm length segments


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