Aqua 48V

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Aqua 48V, an advanced version of our outdoor LED strip. The 48V model can now be up to 32.5 meters long without any light drop, while the 24V model was only 13 meters. This development allows for greater and more continuous lighting coverage for expansive outdoor environments, ideal for large commercial properties and long walkways.


Aqua 24V / 48V


AQUA White flexible waterproof LED strips are designed for long-term professional lighting applications and perfectly suit for outdoor LED linear decorative, cove lighting, curved applications, edge lighting and many more applications.

For these waterproof IP67 flexible LED strips we use the highest quality materials, NICHIA LEDs from Japan, current stabilization system inside. The housing does not attract dust or dirt, is easy to clean and is fully UV resistant, as well as salt and solvent proof.

Its small size and bend radius combined with a ruggedized design make this a reliable and versatile long-term choice for creative outdoor lighting.

This LED strip is available with 3 Step MacAdam or Single Bin LEDs.

Key benefits


■  Waterproof IP67 LED strip
■  For outdoor lighting applications
■  24V & 48V DC voltage input
■  3-step MacAdam LEDs or Single Bin LEDs
■  Crystal clear housing
■  UV, salt & solvent resistant
■  Highest quality components, NICHIA LED chips
■  Stabilized current design
■  Dimmable
■  Reverse voltage protection

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