Ula L IP67 installed outside the ground floor glass façade.

Ula L IP67 White is a modular linear LED light with a opal cover designed for long-term outdoor professional lighting applications.

These waterproof Ula L IP67 White modular LED lights are fitted with the highest quality NICHIA LEDs, with a wide range of Color rendering index (CRI) and Color temperature (CCT) options to choose from. NICHIA LEDs guarantees highest quality lighting and super-high efficacy. This LED strip is available with 3 Step MacAdam or Single Bin LEDs. Opal cover ensures continuous light effect without dark spots.

Each module has integrated connectors for easy and reliable connection to other modules. Connectors are hidden inside the modules and segments connect into a seamless line.

Key benefits

  • 24V DC voltage input
  • 3-step MacAdam LEDs
  • Available in any length in 125mm step up (up to 3m)
  • Dimmable
  • For outdoor continuous line applications
  • Integrated hidden connectors
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Stabilized current design
  • 5 types of segments with varying encap and connector combinations
  • High CRI90+, CRI95+
  • Wide range white color spectrum
  • Any white Holectron LED tape can be integrated inside the module
  • Opal cover (clear available on request)
  • Continuous line light effect without dark spots

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