Lumen output
up to 20 lm

HOL-2 series LED modules are designed for backlighting surfaces uniformly at extra short distance (4-10 cm) between surface and LEDs.

These Nichia LED modules are designed for long term professional lighting applications and are perfectly suited for surface lighting like lightboxes, stretch ceilings, channel letters or signage illumination.

We use the highest quality Japanese Nichia LEDs and electronic components to ensure reliable and long lifetime of LED modules. Due to specific 150° wide beam angle, optic lense light is distributed more evenly inside the lightbox.
HOL-2 LED modules are available in 2700-5000K range and have a high color rendering index (CRI) rate which is CRI80+ or CRI90+. It guarantees high lighting quality level and perfect color rendering.

For these backlight LED modules we use SingleBin or 3-step MacAdam Nichia LEDs.
LED modules are available in CCT 2700K-6500K white color range and red, green, blue light colors. Other modifications available upon request.

CE RoHS compliant, 5-year warranty

Key benefits

  • The highest quality components, NICHIA LED chips;
  • Wide 150° beam angle;
  • Single Bin (1/16th) LEDs or 3 STEP MacAdam LEDs
  • IC Stabilized current design
  • 95Lm/W LED module’s efficiency
  • 23AWG (0.25mm2) wires between LED modules;
  • 10cm wires length between modules (custom length available);
  • For outdoor and indoor installation IP65;
  • Can be cut between each 3 LED modules in chain (3 modules per group);


Product no. Color Voltage Power Optics Lum. flux Working t. IP
HOL-2-827 2700K 12V DC 0.22 W 150° 16 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-830 3000K 12V DC 0.22 W 150° 17 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-840 4000K 12V DC 0.22 W 150° 18 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-850 5000K 12V DC 0.22 W 150° 18 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-760 6500K 12V DC 0.22 W 150° 21 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-R red 12V DC 0.20 W 150° 4.3 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-G green 12V DC 0.20 W 150° 10.3 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65
HOL-2-B blue 12V DC 0.20 W 150° 2.8 Lm -30 ~ +50C° IP65



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HOL-2 datasheet for backlighting 443.39 KB Download