RGB+W flexible LED tapes now available

RGBW flexible LED tape

We are proud to announce that 24VDC constant voltage RGB+W flexible LED tapes with Osram LEDs are now available.

These RGB+W flexible LED tapes are designed for applications where superior quality products are required to achieve various dynamic colour changing effects.

All these modifications contain 48 RGB and 48 white colour Osram 3SDCM LEDs. White color LEDs can be in any spectrum range from 2200K up to 6500K in CRI80+ or CRI90+ parameters.

The product range covers 3 RGB+W modifications: 9.2 W, 19.2 W and 24 W. The last one is the most powerful and comes with the highest white colour luminous flux of up to 933 lm/m.

These 11 mm width RGB+W LED tapes fulfill our high-quality LED tapes product family which by default contains voltage polarity protection and an IC driving system to stabilize current flow for each LED component.

LED tapes cutting points are at each 12.5 cm for all modifications.

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