New 112 & 56 LEDs/m Dual Tunable White LED strips

Holectron R&D department created 112 and 56 LEDs/meter dual tunable white flexible LED strips containing warm white and cold white NICHIA LEDs, they are designed for long term professional human-centric lighting applications. This is an innovative LED that contains two LED die in one chip. Whether it is for general lighting or decorative illumination, these flexible 2-in-1 tunable white LED strips are an excellent choice wherever human circadian rhythm effect is needed.

The objective of Human-Centric Lighting is to enhance the human experience, in particular, to satisfy our craving for natural sunlight. This involves advanced lighting solutions that simulate the shifting color spectrum and intensity of light throughout the day. This simulated natural light seamlessly blends with daylight, so you can start your day with bright, energizing light, and wind down with the same warm evening glow that you would experience outdoors as the sun starts to set.

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