Latest Ula L update | indoor modular profiles

The easiest to install Ula L indoor is now available with 90 degree, T and X shaped modules.

The Ula indoor range provides lighting designers with stylish, easy-to-install surface mounted lighting for a range of everyday applications. Because Ula is compatible will all Holectron LED strips and available in three size profiles, it is incredibly versatile: you can use it for general, cove and accent lighting, and much more.

Lighting designers love Ula for the quality final result it gives – the “H” shape profile means, that connectors remain hidden within the profile, while brackets are invisible after installation. Individual modules can be seamlessly connected for continuous lighting in long runs.

And the Ula range is a favorite with installation crews as well, thanks to its quick, simple installation.

Ula is a perfect solution for both: standalone fixtures and very long continuous runs. You can find all Ula indoor products here