Holectron significantly increased production capacity

How to increase production capacity? Simply – just build a new factory. And we did, now Holectron can proudly count increasing numbers of production capacity almost in all manufacture lines.

The new facility of 2000 sq.m includes production area, modern and human-centric lighted office for the team, warehouse, also photometric and testing laboratory.
We have fully overhauled our assembly lines and upgraded with the latest cutting and CNC machines to reach even better product quality and accuracy. All these changes are expected to provide a significant production capacity increase for the following:

• Assembly of indoor products by +150%
• LED strip assembly by +50%
• Range of Neman products by +50%

The production of our outdoor products is expected to launch in full swing by the end of June after we move encapsulation equipment from the old factory to our new and kicking Holectron headquarters.